Beginners welcome.

New to yoga? Find the style that suits you with our amazing introductory offer.

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15 any style classes. Only available for first time purchase.


What to expect

+ Complete beginner?

Beginners are welcome! You do not need to have previous yoga experience to try any of the classes at Yoga Lounge.

+ The benefits?

Yoga can be a daily practice. The more often you come to class, the quicker you will see results and benefits. At least 3-4 times per week is recommended to see real changes. All classes will bring stillness and clarity of mind. Focus more on the hot room for motivation, cardiovascular work out, weight loss and to see big results in a short time frame, and the cool room for a more relaxed atmosphere, greater alignment with a more meditational focus.

+ How hard is it?

Be prepared to work hard, sweat and leave class feeling better mentally and physically than you can imagine.


What to bring

+ Towels and water?

You will need 2 towels - one to place on the yoga mat to practise on and one to shower with - we rent or sell towels.

We recomend drinking 1.5l of water before a class. We also sell bottled water to keep you hydrated.

+ Yoga mat?

We rent or sell mats.

+ What should I wear?

For the hot room wear light form fitting clothes.

For Aerial Yoga please remove all jewellery, hairclips, watches. Wear clothing that covers the armpit area, backs of the knees and the midriff without zips or buttons.

+ ID and registration?

You will need to bring a photo ID, but only for your first visit.

You can download our registration form here or fill in our online registation at the bottom of this page.


Where to go

+ Directions?

For full directions and to see us on a map see our contact page.

+ Parking?

We offer a small free car park directly behind the studio on a first come first served basis.

Free on street parking is available and in abundance on Browning Avenue or Chessel Avenue which are the roads running off Christchurch Road toward the cliff top.

Alternatively there are two large council carparks. one in the Sovereign Shopping centre, free after 5.30pm or £1 for two hours, the second on Hawkwood Road which runs behind the pedestrianised section of the high street. All of the above options are a 2-3 minute walk from the studio.


Top tips

  • Drink 1.5 litres of water 2 hours before a class.

  • We advise you not to eat much in the 2 hours before class.

  • Sit down whenever you feel like it and take it easy at the start.

  • Tell the teacher before class if you have any injuries. Never work into pain.

  • You may feel a bit dizzy in the first 20 minutes. That's normal. Sit down and breathe through your nose.


Online registration

I had only just started yoga and was nervous about coming but the teachers were very lovely and welcoming and made me feel great and I enjoyed it so much and love coming back each week.
— Kara Hayward