We are family.

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Amber Fidler

Amber began practicing Bikram Yoga in London in January 2007 whilst employed as an office manager, she found yoga gave her peace and clarity of mind and provided a mean workout.  In November 2008 she decided that a career change was imminent. Completing the Spring 2010 Bikram Yoga Teacher Training she commenced teaching Bikram Yoga in Miami and Sydney before returning to teach in London for Michele Pernetta Europe’s most experienced hot yoga teacher and founder of the Fierce Grace yoga system.  In 2012 Amber opened the Yoga Lounge (formerly Bikram Yoga Bournemouth) in the beautiful seaside town of Bournemouth.  Since opening the studio she has further trained to teach Aerial Yoga, Yoga Bananas Children’s Yoga and most recently Fierce Grace Hot Yoga.  She is a certified SYT (Senior Yoga Teacher) and RYTC with the YAP (Yoga Alliance Professional), Senior Yoga Teacher being YAPs highest accolade.  Amber likes to feel she has a genuinely caring teaching style and love the positive effects that yoga has on the mind and body and is honoured to be able to share her passion for yoga with others including the next generation!



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Richard Caveney

Richie used to suffer chronic indigestion, hip and back pain due to scoliosis in his spine, which brought him to Bikram yoga in 2003. Thanks to the yoga, he now has great digestion and has been pain-free for years. He feels incredibly blessed to have Bikram yoga in his life on a daily basis. Richie eventually graduated from teacher training in Spring 2007. He has taught extensively in the U.S., including San Franisco, California, and Louisville, Kentucky, as well as in Vienna, Austria, and all over the U.K. He has been mentored by and worked with some of the most dedicated senior teachers in Bikram yoga, and for this he is truly grateful. In his colourful life, he spent years in marketing at Charles Worthington, worked at Disney, entertained and taught ballroom dancing on cruise ships and has sold sports equipment on TV’s shopping channels where you can still watch him today. He loves reading, but most of all, he enjoys walking around the city looking at all the old and new. Richie is one of the most inspirational and passionate Bikram teachers out there. Every one of his classes is a unique experience and you will come away with lots of food for thought, energy and an enlightened mind. “Thanks to these amazing 26 postures, I have experienced great change in my physical, mental and emotional well being. Inspiration – look for it everywhere. Pain is inevitable, suffering is chosen.” Richard Caveney

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Caroline Pittard

Caroline discovered Bikram Yoga in 2009, 4 months after having major surgery on her lower spine. She was hooked and couldn’t wait to get back into the hot room! In fact, as soon as she got home after her first class she began researching how to become a teacher.

One year after her surgery, Caz completed an ascent of Kilimanjaro, having used Bikram Yoga as part of her training. The climb was an amazing achievement and her Yoga practice was a major part of making that dream happen. As a qualified Osteopath, Bikram Yoga is one form of exercise Caz highly recommends as it aids re-alignment not just of the spine but of the whole body.

In 2013, Caz was ready to embark on another challenge and headed to LA for nine weeks of Bikram training. She returned in July 2013 and hit the ground running with a teaching job.

Styles: Bikram, FIERCE GRACE



Pip Taverner

Pip is an experienced Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga teacher, influenced by styles such as Jivamukti, enabling her to lead a dynamic powerful flow.
Pitching her sessions at just the right level for all, challenging but also supportive for beginners, her focus is on empowering her students with the confidence and knowledge to begin and maintain their own regular yoga practice.
Trained by Brian Cooper of Union Yoga (200hr RYT) Pip regularly visits Mysore India, where she studies for 3 months of the year.
Music plays a huge part in her practice and none of her classes would be complete without a tailor made playlist to get the vibes flowing.

Styles: Hot vinyasa,  ashtanga



Edoardo Elisei

His education in yoga includes numerous workshops and teacher trainings like a 200h alliance teacher training in Rishikesh (India) where he stayed for two months; a teacher training of one week on adjustments of primary series with Manju Jois (son of Sri K Pattabhi Jois); one month of daily practice with Sharat Jois in Mysore (India); one month of teaching and practicing with Sirilak Khotmanee (Level 2 KPJAYI) in Osaka (Japan), and several other retreats in Europe and Italy. His teaching style reflects the one of his masters, respecting the method and maintaining its integrity. When in Italy, he practices with Tina Pizzimenti and Gabriele Severini, both certified teachers by the Jois family in Mysore.

He is a chiropractic student at the AECC in Bournemouth.

STYLES: ashtanga



Lucy Blenkinsop

I'm Lucy. I first taught here when the studio was opened in 2012 although we (my husband Keith & I) moved into the area 6 months ago - so perhaps it was destiny. We moved here from Brighton via living in Nice, France for a couple of years. Can't tell you how much I am loving living here in Dorset, it has everything that I want from life which is, Hot yoga, Sandy beaches and a friendly vibe.
When I was 51 I went to Bikram Teachers Training (2011)  in Los Angeles and have since taught in 10 UK studios and also in USA, NZ, OZ and France.    Bikram is a brilliant beginner yoga, it has brought so many of us into the yoga world and it is such a special sequence which creates a wonderful community feel. Though it is called a beginner’s yoga, many of us have been practicing for years and somehow it is different every time you practice because there is no destination. You can check out of Bikram.. but you can never leave...... 
Apart from teaching yoga I am Health and Wellness Coach which is where I combine my passions of Nutrition, Health and Wellness and help people with their lifestyle choices to find a healthy balance in all areas of their lives. I am so happy and grateful that I can combine all my passions and help others.
My favourite posture is Standing Head to Knee, because it challenges me in different ways on different days and my Yoga Goal is to increase the flexibility in my lower back.  
Hope to see you in Class soon.

STYLES:  Bikram, Hot Vinyasa, yin



Lisa Fry

Lisa was a County sprinter as a youngster & has consequently undergone 2 knee operations & a very painful torn Achilles with lengthy rehab. Looking for the effect running gave her, but being kind to the body, she found Bikram yoga. It's discipline & tough regime ticked all the boxes but what she didn't get through running was the complete mental challenge & mindfulness. Completely blown away in the very first class & subsequent workshop, Lisa became a teacher in Spring 2014. She still keeps up her own practise & loves sharing this life changing practise through teaching others & being part of the strong following Bikram enjoys.

STYLES: Bikram


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Nina Fox

I’m Nina a business owner specialising website design.  After 5 successful years in business I decided that I just wasn’t getting enough out of what I was doing. I didnt feel emotionally fulfilled or like I was making a difference, or feeding my soul.  I had been practicing Yoga on and off for over 10 years, and found that I was becoming more and more committed to my practice. I realised that for the last 18 months I had been toying with the idea of taking a Yoga instructor course, and that was it! it all became very clear. I wanted to teach yoga! and not just for toning and strengthening, but for all the wonderful health and healing benefits that come with it.  After extensive research I found a course in Spain, bit the bullet and called Anne-Marie Newland of Sun Power Yoga,  I set off for a two week intensive immersion course in Spain. It was tough, hard, tiring and frustrating. Anyone who thinks a yoga teacher training course is all about ‘relaxing’ is seriously mistaken. I learnt a blend of Ashtanga, Hatha, Sivananda. After two intense weeks, 3 practical assessments and three written exams, I had passed! Thank god. I could now teach Yoga!   I can honestly say I have never been happier. I absolutely love what I do, I love helping people and I love watching yoga transform peoples lives.  I feel blessed every single day to have found my path in life and look forward to a long and healthy life teaching others this wonderful practice.

Styles: HOT POWER YOGA, Hot vinyasa



Ellie Cohn

Ellie's passion for yoga was ignited whilst in Nepal in 1999 where she completed a Hatha yoga training course. The exploration continued in Sydney, Australia at Synergy School where for two years she practiced a fusion of Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga utilising principles of physiotherapy and Ayurveda. In 2006 Ellie achieved a 2:1 BA Degree in Indian Medicine (Ayurvedic Studies), which included a six-month Internship in India healing hospital patients with Yoga Therapy. However, the interest in health and well-being commenced over thirty years ago when she qualified as an Aerobic instructor and since then she has gained qualifications as an Aerial Yoga Instructor, Personal Trainer, Gym Instructor, Sports Massage Therapist, Rieki Therapist, Animal Flow Instructor, Insanity Instructor and Reflexologist.

In 2008 upon the birth of her son she was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and has used Yoga therapy and Ayurvedic medicine to manage the condition. Ellie takes only a third of the recommended daily dose of medication and has amazed doctors by doing so! This is the power of Yoga and Indian medicine.

Ellie says' I truly love teaching Yoga as I can inspire others to new heights. There is, without a doubt, a direct correlation between the development of Yogi’s/Yogini’s body, mind and spirit and soaring confidence. To guide students through this process is a blessing'.

styles: aerial yoga, ashtanga



Laura McDonald

Laura qualified as a Bikram Yoga teacher in 2009 and has taught full time ever since then. 

Having represented the UK in both European and World Yoga Asana Championships she is no stranger to pushing herself and demanding a lot from herself physically. She found Yin Yoga to be an excellent way to balance body and mind and last November travelled to Canada to train with Bernie Clark (author of 'The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga' and 'Your Body, Your Yoga' ) and Diana Batts.

Come and try it for yourself! 

Styles: bikram, yin


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Helen Press

I walked into a Bikram Studio with a broken foot and walked with a limp. I had tried everything to repair it, physiotherapy, osteopath and acupuncture and was told that nothing more could be done. “ I didn’t like my first class at all but there was something within me, that told me I had to come back and keep going” I saw the healing benefits of doing regular classes for myself and become a regular practitioner. After practising in numerous studios I decided I wanted to go to teacher training and help others see the benefits of this yoga, and as I was already a Stott Pilates Mat and Reformer Teacher, I thought it would compliment my teaching. I went to Autumn 2013 Teacher Training. I knew it wouldn’t be easy but i knew that I would benefit from it. I feel very privileged to be able share my passion and knowledge with students. I had the opportunity of going to teach in Abu Dhabi and numerous Dubai Studios teaching 26+2 and Pilates, which helped me grow as a teacher and learn new skills. Last year I was lucky to go to Goa and do my Rainbow Kids and Family Yoga Teacher Training. I’m now teaching at numerous schools in and around Bristol. I also went to Vancouver in November to do my Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Bernie Clarke. So as you can see the journey is never ending and can change someone’s life forever. Can’t wait to see you on the mat.

Styles: bikram, yin



Juliette Oliver

My yoga journey began in London and I have grown with many different styles and teachers, I find myself settled with the dynamic and meditative practise of Hatha Flow and offer great gratitude to Integral Yoga for helping to my light my path. In addition, I have trained in Mindfulness and Meditation, Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda, yoga for Kids and Yoga for Teenagers. Yoga is for anyone and everyone...not just the bendy.  

A yoga class is somewhere to feel comfortable and nourished. Somewhere you like coming back to because you find a little space in the mind and you just enjoy the vibration. For me, a class is like conducting a symphony, we all play in harmony to raise the vibration and find space for the music to move through us.

Styles: Nidra, hatha flow



Carina George

Carina originally hails from a dance and movement background having performed and studied Contemporary dance locally. Her yoga journey began after being introduced to hot yoga back in 2012, where she completely feel in love with it. In addition to achieving a stronger more supple body, she loved the feeling she had after completing a class, the freedom, the focus and the peace of mind it gave her both on and off the mat. She quickly began to experience the profound effect that yoga has, not just on the body but the mind. For me, it is sometimes just turning up on the mat and becoming present. Yoga has, taught me how to become present in my life and the importance of breath and stillness, not only on the mat but off the mat too. Carina soon became an avid practitioner and started to explore other styles of yoga, completed several 30 day challenges, attended yoga retreats around the world and then finally embarked on The Fierce Grace Yoga Teacher Training, where she trained under Michelle Pernetta Founder of Fierce Grace Yoga. She is passionate about making yoga accessible yet challenging and connecting her students to the practice’s higher purpose as a vehicle for becoming present and accepting whatever is going on. Her uplifting classes take students on a creative journey, exploring the use of breath, body and awareness to create a beautiful flowing practice taught to an
awesome soundtrack.

Styles: Fierce Grace, Hot Power Yoga, Hot Vinyasa


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Chrissie Barrett

Chrissie has practiced yoga for over 45 years; specifically the Iyengar method for 35 years. She has studied with the Iyengar family in Pune India several times and currently holds Intermediate III certificate. She focused on the Iyengar method because of its profound effect on the whole person.

Iyengar (or classical hatha) yoga was popularised in the west by BKS Iyengar and goes by the name “Iyengar yoga” because of his particular way of working with precision and alignment and the innovative use of props. This makes it particularly valuable for remedial purposes. It is currently the most practiced form of yoga worldwide.

It is a strong, structured and safe way to align the inner and outer body and to restore simplicity and peace. The asanas strengthen the nervous system to prepare for the practice of Pranayama and to overcome the obstacles to good health and spiritual contentment.

Styles: iyengar


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Shirley Jacobs

Yoga has had a transformative effect on my life over the last 10 years. I started practicing yoga as a way to relieve stress and for the many health benefits. I enjoy many different styles but hot yoga is the practice which helps me find a place inside of me where I can find stillness of the mind and just be. Yoga is a safe space to be yourself and to show up just as you are without judgments, doubts, fears, or expectations.

I am proud to be teaching the Fierce Grace system of yoga, achieving the ultimate blend of strength and flexibility for both body and mind, health from inside out.  I truly believes yoga is for Every Body and Every Mind.  I am here to guide and supports others to find themselves through yoga practice, so they can comfortably and competently move their bodies through life.

Styles: Fierce Grace, Fix, Deep Core, Injury training


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Celina Fletcher

My passion for the health and fitness industry started 18 years ago when I qualified as a personal trainer and functional movement specialist.  After working 12 years in London based gyms and studios my family and I decided to move to the coast for the lifestyle we are keen road cyclists and big fans of water sports.  After working with Clients with many different needs I felt my next approach needed to be taking classes from the mat to the air with aerial fitness!  Motivated to enrol with Antigravity suspension fitness I completed fundamentals 1 and 2 and soon after that completed a 250hrs Teacher training with The Aerial Yoga Academy.  I love how Aerial yoga compliments all of the other yoga styles and Adding zero compression inversions is such a powerful healing tool for the body and mind.

Styles: Aerial