Yoga Rewards

Taking you higher and higher.


Yoga = points

As if a regular yoga practice didn’t already come with life changing benefits… we are now offering you even more with our new rewards program.

We love our students here at Yoga Lounge so we thought that you should EARN POINTS for just attending classes, and referring friends (and much more!) and once you have 500 points you can easily redeem those points for real money on your account! It's fun, easy and completely free – just be sure to claim your points by completing your registration today. Be sure to keep an eye on the page as ways to earn points will change each month. 

Thank you for being a part of our Yoga Lounge family!


What will earn me points?

  1. Class attendance = 10 points

  2. Refer a friend onto the introductory offer = 150 points

  3. Refer a friend onto membership = 150 points

  4. Joining Autopay while on Intro offer = 200 points

  5. Joining Intro Offer = 50 points

  6. Like & Follow is on on Facebook and Instagram = 50 points

Plus more new ways to earn points each month!

1 point = 1p not readable as cash.


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