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2 Workshops with Michael Eley

Backward Bend for Your Life | 11am - 1pm

Hippy Therapy | a hips focused workshop | 1.30pm - 3pm

 £15 per workshop of book both for £25

Members  £12.50 per workshop or £20 for both.

CALL 01202 390090 TO BOOK BOTH


Backward Bend for Your Life

Backward bending is something you want to be able to do for the whole of your life! Love them or hate them, backbends are usually part of every yoga class, and although they can be challenging, they provide so many benefits and the potential to massively improve the quality of your life.

This practical workshop will focus on getting more of the spine moving: not just the parts that move easily already, but the bits that don't move so well too. A lot of people find that certain parts of their back seem to do more of the work in backward bending postures than others, often the parts which need to provide the most stability. 

By trying to get the rest of the muscles that support the movement involved, we will try to bring awareness to the whole of the spine in back bending. In fact, the hips shoulders, legs and arms play a vital role in getting the spine to move!

This workshop is for all levels: whether you're flexible or not, or whether you think that some postures will never be within your reach or that you don't even know where to start. We will work from the ground up to create the stability to go all the way back.


Hippy Therapy

A lot of yoga is just sitting around on the floor, in fact that’s where some of the best things happens! Sometimes sitting on the floor is not so easy though, especially if you’ve got tight hips. In fact, most of us do because we spend so much time sitting around on chairs. This workshop concentrates on the hips: whether your goal is to be able to sit in lotus pose for hours on end or just to get up and sit down more easily, you’ll improve strength and flexibility of the hips. 

Getting the hips to move more freely often takes the pressure off the lower back and knees, and can be therapeutic for the whole body, especially if you spend a lot of time sitting (cycling or running or lifting heavy weights or gardening or cooking and pretty much anything...).

This workshop is suitable for all levels.


Michael Eley

Michael's been practising yoga longer than pretty much anything else in his life, it's one of the few things that has been truly consistent. His first class was in 2001, a short while after completing an English degree from Oxford University. 

He took the long route to becoming a yoga teacher, first travelling the world, studying more, then living and working in China for several years, doing business internationally and seeing more of the inside of airplanes than can be good for the planet.

In 2009 he went to Las Vegas where he trained in the Bikram Yoga method. It was also where he met his wife, Sindy Haque, but that's a story for another time. Since then he has continued to practise and learn, and to develop his understanding of yoga. When Michele Pernetta introduced the Fierce Grace system into her yoga studios in London, he was one of the founder teachers that helped with the transition.

Although a fan of hot yoga for many years, Michael also believes in the value of being able to develop your own heat in the physical practice, and he now practises and teaches a wide variety of different yoga styles. He has done further training in Hatha yoga with Dev Kapil in 2014 and dynamic vinyasa with Stewart Gilchrist in 2016. He teaches in public classes, to private individuals and in corporate classes all over London. He is a registered Senior Teacher with Yoga Alliance.

The yoga world expresses itself in all sorts of different ways, and Michael believes in taking part in it all, from kirtan and karma yoga to yoga asana competitions (Michael was the UK national yoga champion for 4 years and competed internationally). Approach it all with an open mind. Not everything you try will resonate with you. Some things will make more sense as you grow and change. An important part of your practice will be to work out what it is you need to practise.  Make sure to follow him on instagram @mistereley to see whats instore!