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Inversions & Arm Balancing Workshop & FG2 Class with Michael Eley


12.00PM - 2.00PM - £18 (£15 Members)

FG2: An evolution of the popular Fierce Grace class, giving an alchemical mix of structure and freedom.

 3.00PM - 4.30PM - £15 (£7.50 Members)

CALL 01202 390090 TO BOOK BOTH FOR JUST £20 (£18 MEMBERS)

Learn to resist the force of gravity and realise the true strength that you already have.

Learn arm balances and inversions from the Fierce Grace sequence, crow, side crow, dolphin and more. In this hands-on yoga workshop Michael will break down the basics and go beyond to the postures that lead to forearm balance, handstand and headstand.

There will be work to develop the core strength and the stability needed to be able to balance on your arms (or your head!), and techniques of how to transition between different yoga postures.

The workshop is suitable to all levels (if you're new to hot yoga or you have been practising for some time, and everyone in between). It will not be held in the heat, so you won't slip out of crow because you're arms are sweaty!

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(90 minutes)
An evolution of the popular Fierce Grace format, giving an alchemical mix of structure and freedom.
Launch into uncharted territory with a safety net below your bare feet. Explore variations, the unexpected, optional advanced poses and surprises. Move your practise along wherever openings occur for you. Cleverly sequenced to embrace all levels, FG2 straddles Fierce Grace and The Beast allowing more experienced students deeper exploration of advanced poses, while beginners can remain safely in the earlier expression of the pose. A truly user-friendly intermediate class everyone can enjoy, FG2 progresses your practise with optional excursions into alchemical, unpredictable, magic.

Michael Eley

Michael's been practising yoga longer than pretty much anything else in his life, it's one of the few things that has been truly consistent. His first class was in 2001, a short while after completing an English degree from Oxford University. 

He took the long route to becoming a yoga teacher, first travelling the world, studying more, then living and working in China for several years, doing business internationally and seeing more of the inside of airplanes than can be good for the planet.

In 2009 he went to Las Vegas where he trained in the Bikram Yoga method. It was also where he met his wife, Sindy Haque, but that's a story for another time. Since then he has continued to practise and learn, and to develop his understanding of yoga. When Michele Pernetta introduced the Fierce Grace system into her yoga studios in London, he was one of the founder teachers that helped with the transition.

Although a fan of hot yoga for many years, Michael also believes in the value of being able to develop your own heat in the physical practice, and he now practises and teaches a wide variety of different yoga styles. He has done further training in Hatha yoga with Dev Kapil in 2014 and dynamic vinyasa with Stewart Gilchrist in 2016. He teaches in public classes, to private individuals and in corporate classes all over London. He is a registered Senior Teacher with Yoga Alliance.

The yoga world expresses itself in all sorts of different ways, and Michael believes in taking part in it all, from kirtan and karma yoga to yoga asana competitions (Michael was the UK national yoga champion for 4 years and competed internationally). Approach it all with an open mind. Not everything you try will resonate with you. Some things will make more sense as you grow and change. An important part of your practice will be to work out what it is you need to practise.  Make sure to follow him on instagram @mistereley to see whats instore!

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